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Consign your car with us and we will:

  • Present your car beautifully and market it relentlessly via our website and a wide selection of other online platforms, print and social media.
  • Work to ensure that no other classic car for sale will receive more online exposure during its sale week than a Berlinetta car.
  • Charge you nothing other than your consignment fee - the full bid price comes back to you.
  • We will even waive our consignment fee if you can provide us with photos and catalogue information of sufficient quality that we don't need to visit you in person.

Sell through Berlinetta

There is no easier or more convenient way to sell your classic than through our weekly online sales. 

There's no need to wait until a physical auction date comes around, no need to deliver the car anywhere as you would do with a dealer or a traditional auction, no need to photograph the car or write up any information on it as you would do with a private listing, and no need to set aside weeks and weeks to conclude the process. 

Your involvement

This can therefore be minimal, as we will do literally everything for you if required. You can however save on your consignment fee if you're able to provide us with enough good quality photographs and written information on your car that we can create a catalogue description to the required standard without having to visit you personally.

The only thing we do ask is that you make yourself available during evenings and the weekend of your sale week to answer any questions about your car online that our team haven’t been able to deal with, or to meet with prospective buyers who may want to visit you personally to inspect the car. This activity is all contained within a seven day period and cannot spread from there.

The schedule

If (for example) you consign your car with us on a Monday, we can in theory have it photographed, catalogued and listed by Wednesday and sold the following Wednesday – so that’s 10 days from the first phone call to potentially having your money in the bank.

Catalogue descriptions are to the standard we are now known for – an example from a previous Manor sale will give you a good idea, which you can view here.

The marketing

Print marketing is used to advertise the overall concept of the business and the results we achieve, but the lead times involved make it impractical for marketing the cars themselves. We therefore run an intensive and targeted digital campaign, listing our cars on all the other popular sale sites such as carandclassic, classiccarsforsale, classicandsportscar, pistonheads and of course ebay - all these ads direct people back to our website.

In addition to this we run an extensive Google search campaign every month and will feature your car in banner adverts placed on carandclassic.co.uk – Europe’s No.1 website for classic cars.

Finally, we will feature your car in a weekly consignment alert email that we send out to our growing subscriber base.

In short, no one tries harder than us to get your car in front of the maximum number of potential buyers during a highly focused sale period.

The auction

Auctions go live on various days of the week, so there is constant activity on our site. All auctions last for 7 days and close at 8pm in the evenings - so no one need miss the final countdown due to being busy at work or stuck on the commute home.

Buyers can bid at any point over the sale period via our secure and easy to use bidding module and comments and questions from interested parties, experts and enthusiasts are invited throughout the sale.

If required, we agree a reserve with you in advance of the sale, and our unique colour coded bidding system lets buyers know when they are close to achieving that figure. Estimates are not published as they serve no useful purpose with this form of sale.

Post sale

We collect the buyers premium (set at 5%) only from the successful bidder, place it in an independent ESCROW account, and then put them in touch with you direct so they can complete the purchase of the actual car. It’s up to you both to agree whichever payment method works best for you, and to arrange the collection details etc.

The 5% premium already paid acts as a deposit on the car, so the buyer is very unlikely to change their mind or delay completing the deal.

Once you have received your payment in full and the buyer has taken possession of their new pride and joy, the premium is released into our own bank account.

The fees

We charge a £150 consignment fee (plus VAT). There are no further charges and you can even save that if you supply us with all the information we need on your car without us having to visit you.

Please don't hesitate to call us to discuss selling your car, or simply kick things off by filling in the brief registration form here.