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Why Berlinetta Weekly?

We're in the auction business because we believe that there's a tangeable benefit in running a classic car sale to a finite time frame, which focuses the mind and gives the process energy. Auction houses also offer a professional level of service and helpfully gather a large number of cars together in the same place at the same time, so if you miss one, another suitable purchase might be along in a minute. Auctions are also (we’re happy to say) exciting and fun places to be. But along with the pros they also have their cons too -  significant fees are involved for both buyer and seller and most importantly, you can’t properly inspect or test drive your prospective purchase prior to bidding on it.

Berlinetta CCA was set up to address the issues above, which we believe we now effectively do through our Manor sales - details of which are available elsewhere on the website.

However, even we aren’t perfect (yet!), as with our Manor sales potential sellers still have to wait for a sale date to come around (May, July and September, since you’re asking) and then they still have the logistics of prepping the car and getting it to the sale location etc.

Finding an alternative that addressed these pitfalls has been the impetus behind the launch of Berlinetta Weekly. Here’s why we’re excited about this new arm of the company:

You’re in control..

Weekly sales offer all the convenience of selling your car from home at a time and a date to suit you, coupled with all the energy and focus of a traditional timed auction.

But you don’t have to do any of the work

Our staff will visit you and produce an extensive professional photo gallery of your car and a detailed, condition-specific catalogue description which is prepared to the high standards that we are known for.

Speed is of the essence

Contact us on a Monday and we can have your car listed for sale by Wednesday and sold a week later - 10 days from first contact to money in the bank.

Quality over quantity

We compete with other online sales platforms by ensuring that the quality of our listings are second to none. We take more time, more care, do more research, and present our work more clearly and professionally than any other company out there. Unlike the competition, our sales feature a handpicked selection of cars each week – we don’t bombard buyers with lots of stock as we firmly believe in the principal of quality over quantity.

Exhaustive marketing

There are literally thousands of classic cars listed for sale every week in the UK, so there’s no point working in the online market unless you are prepared to work hard. Over our seven-day sale period our cars are promoted on every significant classic car platform in the UK. We also send their details out to our growing list of subscribers via weekly consignment alerts, and run high profile print campaigns in the monthly and weekly classic car press.

Our pledge is simply that no classic car for sale in the UK will receive greater online exposure than a Berlinetta Weekly car.

Connecting our clients

Whilst we have absolute faith that our catalogue descriptions are as detailed and honest as they can be, we still encourage buyers to visit and inspect the cars in person if they can. Buyers and sellers are connected direct to enable this to happen, and once the sale goes live, enthusiasts and experts are invited to leave 

comments regarding each car on our website, thus offering useful extra information on the example for sale. Commentators are rated by the community so everyone can see how often they post and how valued their opinions are.

A user-friendly buying experience

Not everyone has a comfortable or easy relationship with IT (!), but our website is designed to be completely straightforward and easy to use. Our simple and secure bidding module allows you to place bids manually in £50 steps, or our automatic bidding system will bid on your behalf up to a pre-set maximum. Further information on bidding is available by clicking here.

Value for money

Selling your car through us will cost you a maximum of £150+VAT. There are no other charges and if you’re able to work with us to produce photographs and written information on your car to the required standard then we’ll even waive that fee. Registration to bid is free and the buyers premium is set at 5%. Other than selling or buying privately, there is no more competitive fee structure available in the UK.

Customer Service

Whether buying or selling, no one will work harder to ensure that the process is as smooth, enjoyable and mutually rewarding as possible. Efficient, knowledgeable, polite and enthusiastic, our staff are fast building an enviable reputation.

Why Berlinetta Weekly? Surely the harder question to answer is why not?!
Contact us here or call us on 01903 530926 / 01636 627115