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How The Sale Works

Quality over quantity

Each week we curate a selection of hand-picked quality classic cars and list them for sale by auction for 7 days on our website.

We target interesting models, generally above £10k in value, with realistic reserves.

Information information information

Each car is extensively photographed including its underside and a detailed, condition-specific catalogue description is prepared to the high standard that we are now known for. If possible, short videos of the car will also be embedded in the listing.

We work with sellers to produce the material above, often making a specific visit to meet them, inspect the car and collect the photographic and written information required. We are equally happy for sellers to do this for us if they have the time and ability to do a great job, and in these cases we will waive our consignment fee.

Once the listing is complete we share it with the seller prior to uploading it to make sure they are completely happy and that the car has been described as thoroughly and as honestly as possible.


The listing then goes live on our website, and at the same time we post adverts on eBay, www.carandclassic.co.uk, www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk, www.pistonheads.co.uk, www.classicandsportscar.com and other appropriate platforms, all pointing potential buyers back to our website.

A weekly ‘consignment alert’ is sent out to our growing subscriber database and we also run banner adverts featuring the cars on key websites, as well as running more general digital marketing and press campaigns.

Inspecting the car in person

Our auctions run for a seven-day period no matter what day of the week they start, so every sale will include a weekend during which potential buyers can visit the seller to inspect the car if they so wish.

Comments and questions

Enthusiasts and experts can leave comments regarding each car on the website, thus offering useful extra information on the example for sale. Commentators are rated by the community so everyone can see how often they post and how valued their opinions are.

Buyers therefore get a far better idea of what they are looking at than they would do from a standard advertisement.

The bidding process

Registration to bid is free and buyers can bid online at any point via our easy and secure bidding system. Bids can be placed manually in £50 steps, or our automatic bidding system will bid on your behalf up to a pre-set maximum. 

Bid sniping is eliminated – any bidding activity in the last two minutes of an auction adds another two minutes to the clock. Auctions only close after two clear minutes have passed with no further bidding.

Fees and payment

The buyers premium is set at 5%, and the maximum sellers pay is a consignment fee of £150+VAT. There are no other charges.

After the sale we collect the premium only from the buyer before connecting them direct with the seller and they then conclude the deal between them. The premium acts as a deposit during this period and offers the seller reassurance that the sale will go through.