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Lot 83 - 1966 MGB Competition Roadster

Lot 83 - 1966 MGB Competition Roadster

  • Ex David Griffiths successful Club Racing machine
  • Unraced in recent years
  • Very well prepared to a good specification
  • Suitable for a variety of events
  • Much recent expenditure
  • Goodwood track-day participant 

SOLD for £10,400


“The Sports Car connoisseur will find in this latest M.G. challenger all that he has been looking for”. MGB Sales brochure, 1963.

This MGB Roadster was first registered on 8th July 1966, a quite frightening 50 plus years ago now, though its significant history has probably occurred in just the past 10 or so years. Purchased by Mr David Griffiths in 2006, this Roadster was extensively raced by him for the next five years. A comprehensive selection of Scrutineering tags and stickers accompany the car (please see the photo gallery) and attest to its entry into race meetings organised by such bodies as Classic Sports Car Club, Top Hat, BRSCC, Bentley Drivers Club and BARC. From 2007 to 2010 Mr Griffiths competed in the MGB at such circuits as Mallory Park, Anglesey Circuit, Oulton Park and Cadwell Park, initially carrying the race number 29 and latterly 39. Scammonden Hill Climb was also tackled in 2007 demonstrating the breadth of events this MG is eligible for.

Sold by Mr Griffiths in 2011, the next owner had planed to take it back to the track but this was derailed by property acquisitions and life in general. One house move too many resulted in the car’s file being misplaced though careful examination of the ‘B’ has established that it has been built to a very high standard and specification.

Berlinetta helped sell this MG back in 2017 when it was in ‘as last raced’ condition. Since then the car has been given a thorough check over and treated to various new parts (bills on file) such as a very nice new aluminium radiator and expansion tank (£500+) as can be seen in the photo gallery. The Bee was also treated to a change of fluids and a nice new set of sticky Yokohamas. The new owner’s intention was to enjoy the roadster on the road though if that road led to say, the Goodwood Motor Circuit and if there just happened to be a track day going on, then so much the better...

The British Racing Green bodywork is in really very good order and it would not be an embarrassment as a road car, never mind a race machine. It is fitted with a ‘Works’ style hard top in fibreglass finished in Old English White, matching the accents on the front valence and race number roundels – please excuse the swear word on these! With bumpers removed, fiberglass valences vented at the front for brake and oil cooling plus ‘Sebring’ headlight covers (see our Alfa Spider description for Berlinetta’s opinion regarding these beauties!), the ‘B’ has a fantastic stance, especially sitting on slightly lowered suspension and wider 14” Minilite style alloy wheels. Its chrome grill is neatly modified with a duct let into it to take fresh air to the engine bay while the yellow tow hooks front and rear emphasis the car’s competition purpose. Perspex side windows and extensively lightened doors keep the shell’s weight down as does the aluminium bonnet, complete with cooling louvers and twin leather securing straps. Enamel Union Jacks along with period style Special Tuning and Castrol stickers complete the stylish yet functional picture. Solid underneath and with very good bodywork topside, this has all the appearance of a well prepared shell in great condition.

All the appropriate safety cut offs and releases for the plumed in fire extinguisher (boot, cockpit and engine bay) are accessible from both inside and out. As one would expect, the interior is stripped out with a pair of Sparko Evo 1 seats fitted complete with Sabelt harness’ though they are no longer ‘in date’ for track competition use. A four point, bolted in cage with removable door bars is fitted and a Moto-Lita leather rimed steering wheel fronts a full set of modern race and original instruments, supplemented by a large oil pressure warning light. Classic white on black Dymo tape is used to identify the various switches while OMP pedal pads ensure the controls are easily utilised under the duress of racing. Unfortunately the front screen has developed a small crack as shown in the photo gallery and this may need to be replaced at some stage.

It is understood the engine is of 1950cc capacity and it is running on Castrol R ensuring the sights and sounds of the B are backed up with a full race smell too. The aforementioned air intake feeds directly to a single 48 DCOE Weber carburettor (which in itself points to a not insubstantial engine output) mounted on an Oselli inlet manifold. The large bore exhaust manifold has been enclosed in heat wrap to help under bonnet temperatures. The comprehensively ungraded cooling system consists of the aforementioned aluminium radiator with electric fan and an oil cooler so racing in the Far East in July should not be a problem, never mind the Near East at Cadwell Park in chilly October. An Omex rev-limiter ensures driver over-exuberance doesn’t necessarily result in an engine rebuild. Further engine protection is provided in the form of a dash mounted gadget which constantly displays the fuel mixture level - rich or lean - via a probe in the exhaust which might just save melting a piston or even help squeeze out a few more MPG. The non-overdrive gearbox is believed to be of close ratio specification and it feeds power to a plate type limited slip differential.

While the suspension layout itself is fairly standard, the front end has supplementary Gas Spax telescopic dampers and the whole system looks to have been slightly lowered and stiffened, incorporating a slight degree of negative camber at the front. The bolt-on alloy wheels are shod with Yokohama Advan semi-slick A048 tyres. The rear brake drums have been selectively drilled for less un-sprung weight and improved cooling.

An AH Fabrications aluminium fuel tank is mounted in the boot as far forward as is practical and it's emptied by a Facet high pressure fuel pump which feeds a Filter King fuel filter and pressure regulator in the engine bay.

A lap timing device is included with the car along with its current V5C.

The MGB is ‘on the button’, driving very well and seemingly ready for track or road use having recently undergone a thorough re-commissioning, while a check of the regulations and a race preparation could see the car rapidly back on the circuits. Reserved at less than it previously sold for despite the money spent and work carried out since then, this ‘B’ strikes us as a sensibly priced blank canvas which can be painted in the new owner’s style; Club racer, Le Jog or Classic Malts type historic regularity rally car, Sprint and Hill-climb machine or just a fast road and track day tool. The choice, as they say, is yours.

  • Registration number: GCD 181D
  • Chassis Number: GHN3 93359
  • Engine Number: 189B U H 45777



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