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Lot 109 - 2006 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Lot 109 - 2006 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

  • Superb example of Aston's baby supercar
  • Full Main Dealer service history
  • Only 4 owners and 38,400 miles from new
  • Estimated at £24,000 to £29,000
  • Available to view near Midhurst, West Sussex

SOLD for £27,000


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For many, the sight and sound of this car will be enough to fire a desire that overwhelms objective considerationsAutocar, 2005

Quite. We at Berlinetta would have to hold our hands up and admit that we fall firmly into the category above. Quite simply, those looks, that interior, 380 bhp at 7,300 rpm, 0-60 in 4.8, a top speed of 175 mph, 51/49 weight distribution and a price tag today of less than £30k… In all honesty, spending literally ten times that amount on a (considerably slower and more fragile) Dino seems, on paper at least, like utter madness.

For those not aware of the backstory, 2005 saw Aston Martin introduce what was essentially it’s most accessible, capable and desirable car for a very long time indeed. Designed by the legendary Henrik Fisker, the V8 followed on from the (rather more pricey) Vanquish and DB9 to become the third model to make use of Aston’s brilliant VH platform – a chassis of lightweight bonded and riveted aluminium which contributed just 183kg to the Aston’s 1590kg kerb weight. It’s a low, purposeful creation with proportions clearly designed to create what you might describe as an ‘aggressive’ aura. Clothed in a mix of aluminium, steel, composite and magnesium body panels (displaying either a forensic attitude to weight saving or a bout of chronic indecision, we’re not sure which), it’s 50mm shorter and 40mm lower than a Porsche 911 Carrera S and far more compact than the contemporary 2+2 DB9.

Under that gorgeous skin, forged aluminium double wishbones are hung from the featherweight chassis, wherein also nestles the 4.3 litre quad-cam 32 valve V8 – positioned up front (of course, we are British after all) - although the six-speed manual gearbox is packaged at the rear in order to help achieve that nigh on perfect weight distribution.

Fire it up and it’s clear that this isn’t the tightly regulated, slightly synthetic V8 sound of a German performance car. On the contrary, moving away is accompanied by a delicious, industrial gurgle that focuses the mind (directly via the ears) without being crude or unsophisticated. The Vantage is clearly a car that you have to actually drive - the gear-lever (thank goodness – no chance of being stuck up a certain creek with a paddle here) moves with a sturdy mechanical feel, the brakes require confident application and the steering has a weighted, oiled feel. The above said, it remains brilliantly useable and is completely at home tottering off to Waitrose where the weekly rose rations can be stowed in the eminently practical 350 litre boot space.

Although not quite as quick off the mark as the 911 Carrera S that is so clearly its main rival, any potential buyer should just ask themselves how they’d feel waking up to see an Aston on the drive. Clarkson and Co. may not be everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but they did vote the V8 both their ‘coolest’ and ‘best sounding’ car of 2005 – and that year contained plenty of other drives in the latest offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini and the rest.

By mid 2008 Aston had made 10,000 V8s (no mean feat for them) so there are plenty of examples out there to choose from. However, if you’re looking for one of the very best in the UK, and also something perhaps in a slightly more interesting hue than the ubiquitous grey or black, then you can call off the hunt - because this is it.

Registered on the 20th September 2006, this V8 Vantage is a 2007 model year example which has only changed hands four times in the last 13 odd years whilst at the same time covering just 38,400 miles. Today, rejoicing in absolutely flawless Toro Red metallic paintwork and a similarly gorgeous Obsidian leather interior, we’re almost in danger of mis-describing the car when we call it ‘second hand’.

A detailed inspection revealed no cosmetic blemishes to paintwork or glasswear, the current owner (who’s an ex-aeronautical engineer - not a bunch well known for cutting corners or accepting second best) has just had the front bumper off the car to attend to a few tiny stone chips, the interior has recently been re-Connollised and a full geometry check was also carried out at the car’s most recent service with Harwoods in Chichester.

The only faults we could find in the entire car were a slight scuff mark to the driver’s seat side bolster and a small tear in the door sealing rubber – both detailed in our photo gallery and both very easily remedied.

A full Main Dealer service history is of course essential with a junior supercar such as this, and GX56 ETO has exactly that with all stamps (including corrosion inspections) present and correct, the car having been cared for either at Harwoods or HMW Aston in Walton-on-Thames for its entire life. The current MOT test certificate is valid until October with only a couple of worn tyres as advisories (all four have now been replaced) and the service record breaks down as follows:

1018 - 19/02/07
1690 - 24/09/07
3303 - 29/10/08
4145 - 22/09/09
7299 - 29/09/10
10253 - 20/09/11
12628 - 11/09/12
18186 - 18/09/13
24003 - 01/10/14
27726 - 02/10/15
32571 - 04/10/16
38202 - 11/10/19

As you would expect therefore, this Aston drives perfectly and any new owner can look forward to enjoying a very slick example of the six-speed manual gear box whilst also revelling in the opportunity to enhance its utterly wonderful V8 soundtrack at will via the remote operation of the exhaust flaps - an option costing a not inconsiderable £1,725 at the time, although the smiles that come with it are free. Alongside the aforementioned brand new set of Bridgestones, the Aston will also be accompanied by a full set of handbooks/owner’s manuals and a comprehensive file of service invoices, a selection of which are featured in our photo gallery.

GX56 ETO further benefits from a host of factory extras including: battery conditioner, blue tooth, grey calipers, cruise control, electric heated seats and windscreen, Satnav and 19inch 7 spoke wheels alongside all the other luxury equipment you would expect from such a high-end machine.

If your finger has been hovering over the Aston ‘start’ button for a while but you’ve found yourself paralysed by choice, this represents an opportunity to buy in complete confidence, knowing that you are investing in one of the very best early V8 Vantages that money can buy today.

  • Registration Number: GX56 ETO
  • Chassis Number: SCFBA03B37GC03098
  • Engine Number: AM05/03696



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BID OF £23,700.00 PLACED BY Doddy246

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June 29th at 04 : 56 PM

B e r l i n e t t a  7

June 29th at 04:38 PM

Hi again B5AUX From the invoices we can see that the clutch hasn't been replaced as yet. When we drove the car there were no issues that we could sense at all, with a smooth (if heavy) action and the clutch biting when the pedal was a little way up from the floor, as you would expect. Hope that helps!

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BID OF £21,450.00 PLACED BY Doddy246

June 29th at 04 : 16 PM


June 29th at 02 : 43 PM

B e r l i n e t t a  7

June 29th at 02:35 PM

Hi B5AUX We are just trying to find out for you on the clutch front, please keep an eye on this thread for an answer soon..

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B 5 a u x 

June 29th at 02:06 PM

Hi there, has the clutch ever been replaced?

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BID OF £20,612.00 PLACED BY colinmirrey

June 29th at 12 : 19 PM

B e r l i n e t t a  7

June 28th at 02:56 PM

Hi Natterjack. Many thanks for the question. The brakes feel fine on the road with no nasty grumbles or graunches. There were no advisories for disc or pad wear at the last MOT test carried out around 120 miles ago and when Aston Martin main dealers Harwoods gave the car a very comprehensive service at around the same time, no attention to them was deemed necessary. They tend not to scrimp on such things...

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BID OF £18,000.00 PLACED BY Doddy246

June 27th at 07 : 36 PM

N a t t e r j a c k 

June 27th at 04:40 PM

What is current brake condition

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