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Lot 10 - Porsche 911 RS Replica

Lot 10 - Porsche 911 RS Replica

  • Auction extended by 24 hours due to owner's unavailability for viewings
  • Backdate car built on a galvanised 1984 Carrera 3.2 shell
  • All work carried out by marque experts Rennsport
  • Full engine rebuild 20,000 miles ago
  • MOT’d until December 2017


‘Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 – Simply the ultimate classic 911’ – Dennis Adler, Car Collector Magazine

The story behind the original 2.7 RS doesn’t need repeating here and neither will fans of the model need reminding about relative values for the 1,500-odd original examples. What’s perhaps surprising and relevant here are the recent prices achieved for RS replicas built on pre-’74 ‘long bonnet, horn grill’ shells – for a decent example you’re now likely to be looking at a six figure investment. Ouch.

So where does that leave all us impoverished RS fans with less than a paltry £50k to rub together?

From its production in 1984 as one of the first 3.2 litre Carrera models, this gorgeous 911 RS backdate has enjoyed a cossetted life as a well loved and cared for car and it comes with a complete, up-to-date and comprehensive service history.

The car has covered an average of less than 4000 miles a year since rolling off the production line, and whilst it’s now showing the best part of 120,000 miles on the clock, the good news is that GWD 717K was treated to a full engine rebuild about 20,000 miles ago, and thus (re)qualifies for ‘barely run in’ status.

Whilst the engine was being attended to the opportunity was taken to fit a short-shift kit for the period correct 915 gearbox, alongside a new clutch.

In 2013 the car underwent a full 'backdate' conversion to 1973 RS specification by renowned 911 experts Rennsport. Genuine steel Porsche wings were sourced and fitted, topped off with the correct chrome rimmed headlamps and separated by a lightweight 1973 RS long bonnet.

The correct lightweight RS front and rear bumpers were fitted along with the obligatory lightweight RS ducktail rear lid, whilst door frames and window trims were polished back to their base silver colour (surely saving precious milligrams). Door handles were chrome plated (those milligrams just went back on!) and the fitting of a single Durant door mirror completed the correct RS appearance with admirable attention to detail.

The car now certainly looks the part, resplendent in its unmarked period ‘signal yellow’ paint with correct Carrera RS decals. Indeed, from the outside only the most dedicated 911 expert would be able to spot it from a genuine RS, the period correct ‘K’ plate being an invaluable last touch.

During the conversion the interior wasn’t neglected, with work including the fitting of lightweight RS seats, lightweight door panels and a period Momo Prototipo steering wheel.

Mechanically the whole car was stripped, checked and updated where necessary – work here included a full suspension rebuild, at which point the car was lowered and treated to Rennsport 'fast-road' geometry settings. 911 Turbo control arms offer enhanced precision to the already legendary steering and the whole package was topped off with a new full sport exhaust system.

The car now resides in pampered luxury in a climate controlled storage facility and justified the hotel bills by being easily woken during our visit, the battery holding excellent charge and the starter spinning the 3.2 litre engine into immediate life whereupon it quickly settled down to its well recognised and much loved flat six waffle. As Lotus owners we were impressed to see not one drop of oil on the concrete as the 911 eased away from its parking bay.

On the road, the unstressed 3.2 feels as lively as any 20,000 mile Porsche motor should, sounding clean and eager and pulling strongly through every gear selected via the wonderful short-throw, non-dog leg, 915 ‘box. Squeaks and rattles were, as you might expect, entirely absent and the car rode, handled and stopped just as it should.

We hope that the photo gallery shows the condition of the bodywork and interior off in a comprehensive and honest light, needless to say, the owner would be happy to meet any prospective buyers to show them around the car during the week of the auction.

In terms of potential minor improvements, there is a trim panel missing in the front footwell (not perhaps that obvious in the photos) that would be an easy fix, and the under-bonnet carpet was absent during our visit, although this does come with the car. Mechanically, the only item on our ‘to do’ list if the car was ours would be to re-align the rear box on the exhaust system, which is currently slightly skewed.

Other than that, we could not find fault in this highly attractive 911. Of course it’s not a tool room copy of an RS - the mechanicals and dashboard etc. are in the main standard 3.2 Carrera, but then again, with 230bhp against the 2.7 RS’s mere 210, the car would more than hold its own in a straight fight. Visually it’s a stunning piece of kit guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes, and of course it goes very well anywhere you might care to point it.

With a guide well under the £50k mark, this car offers great value for fans of the classic 911 look without the depth of pocket required for a pre-’74 car of any sort, let alone a genuine RS.

Registration number: GWD 717K
Chassis number: WPOZZZ91ZES103641
Engine number: 63E06587



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w o o d c o t e 

March 28th at 10:05 PM

What was the reserve on this car?

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BID OF £37,050.00 PLACED BY timdallas

March 28th at 06 : 00 PM

BID OF £36,050.00 PLACED BY woodcote

March 28th at 05 : 51 PM

BID OF £9,050.00 PLACED BY timdallas

March 28th at 05 : 42 PM

B e r l i n e t t a  8

March 27th at 07:21 PM

Hi all bidders and watchers. Many thanks for your interest. Just to let you know that we have had a few more people wanting to view the RS and unfortunately the chaps looking after the car were not around today so we have extended the auction by 24 hours just to give everyone a fair chance to see the car. Hope this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much and again thanks for your bids and interest – we are getting close to the reserve price now. Best wishes. Berlinetta

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BID OF £10,600.00 PLACED BY Abbey1

March 27th at 11 : 21 AM

BID OF £8,950.00 PLACED BY timdallas

March 27th at 09 : 35 AM

BID OF £8,650.00 PLACED BY Abbey1

March 25th at 10 : 30 AM

BID OF £32,050.00 PLACED BY GuppyBid

March 25th at 01 : 36 AM

BID OF £8,550.00 PLACED BY timdallas

March 24th at 11 : 20 PM

BID OF £30,050.00 PLACED BY woodcote

March 24th at 02 : 42 PM

t h o m a s h w 1 1 

March 21st at 08:09 PM

Hello, I would like to view this car... could I please arrange a viewing with the seller?

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T h i n k e r 

March 21st at 08:28 AM

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I would be interested in arranging a view later this week. I appreciate your efforts in describing the car and look forward to your reply Kind regards

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B e r l i n e t t a  8

March 19th at 08:57 PM

Hi Aktar The car is viewable at any point this week, there is another interested party already booked in to inspect it. The location is near Hook in Hampshire, just off the M3. The owner tells us that there is a bundle of paperwork with the car but as far as I'm aware the Rennsport work is not actually documented. They do however remember the car apparently and would be happy to talk to you if you give them a call. The plate with the VIN number isn't really significant - plates do get mangled and damaged (and sometimes swapped!) over time. The more important photo is the one after it in the gallery, showing the VIN number stamped into the body of the car itself - a rather more reliable source of proof! The car is an original RHD UK car and is HPI clear. Let us know if you would like to arrange a visit.. All best

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T h i n k e r 

March 18th at 09:13 AM

Dear Sir. When is it possible to come and view the car this week?? I am interested and wanted to confirm a few points. Car comes with Full service history with all receipts, invoices, Handbooks, keys etc All paperwork for engine rebuild and back date work carried out? Car is HPi clear? Original UK car? Free of any prior minor accident damage etc The VIN plate is adrift, incomplete and the bottom half is missing,/ground down. IS there a specific reason for this anomoly?? I am based in Surrey and happy to travel to wherever the car is based. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Aktar Matin

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BID OF £22,050.00 PLACED BY k30yl

March 15th at 09 : 51 PM

BID OF £12,050.00 PLACED BY pishadeperro

March 15th at 09 : 30 PM

BID OF £10,050.00 PLACED BY TeamAMS

March 15th at 08 : 42 PM

BID OF £12,550.00 PLACED BY pa32

March 15th at 05 : 03 PM